Czy makijaż permanentny boli?

Czy makijaż permanentny boli

Czy makijaż permanentny boli?

Permanent makeup is one of the most popular treatments chosen by modern women. It allows you to wake up every day with a wow effect – beautifully outlined eyebrows, lip contour and fill, and even eyeliner. What more could you want? Over the years, the pigments, permanent makeup techniques, and tools used for the procedures have been constantly improved. Well-done permanent makeup makes everyday life easier and boosts confidence. And although it is the dream of many women, many of them hesitate for a long time before deciding to get it. A significant number of people who consider this type of treatment are held back by the fear of pain. Does permanent makeup really hurt? Is anesthesia used during the procedure?

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup involves permanently emphasizing the eyes, eyebrows, or lips by introducing a special pigment under the skin. It is a professional cosmetic procedure that allows us to give the right shape and color to eyebrows and lips, and even create eyeliner. It will surely appeal to women who like to accentuate their beauty every day and want to look beautiful every day – without spending long hours in front of the mirror. This makeup can also help people who, for example, lost their eyebrows due to an illness. It's a treatment that not only accentuates beauty but also hides certain imperfections. Even just fixing the eyebrows with pigment can change facial features. The right shape of eyebrows or lips makes the face clearer and more radiant. To achieve the desired effects, it is necessary to introduce the right pigments under the skin, which will give the desired shape and color. This won't be a problem for professional linergists. A qualified specialist also knows how to work with the needle, at what angle, depth, and speed, so that the procedure is not uncomfortable for her client. So, does permanent makeup hurt?

Does permanent makeup hurt? There's nothing to fear!

Women deciding on permanent makeup, after consulting a specialist, must prepare properly for the procedure. For permanent eyebrow makeup, it is important, for example, to do a peel or stop shaping them, so they look as natural as possible. We will learn about all the recommendations in advance, so there is no need to worry. But what should be remembered, regardless of the type of makeup? The right mindset! If micropigmentation is our dream, don't let fear deprive us of achieving our goal! Many people wonder if permanent makeup hurts before undergoing the procedure. It's quite individual and depends on many factors, but pain shouldn't discourage someone from getting makeup. The most important thing is the spectacular effects, which make up for everything. Undergoing this type of procedure is associated with some discomfort, but an experienced linergist will ensure that the client feels as comfortable as possible during the procedure.


The sensations associated with introducing pigments under the skin can be completely different for everyone. So, don't listen to scary stories related to it. Some may only feel a slight tingling or pinching, while for others the procedure may be more unpleasant. It all depends on an individual's pain threshold. If we think about the end results and the fact that we will look beautiful every day – the fear associated with potential pain will not be an obstacle! A lot also depends on one's mindset. Professionally done permanent makeup should not be associated with suffering, but with great effects we're aiming for. The right technique can reduce the pain to a minimum. Before deciding on permanent makeup, it's good to take some more time to choose the right place.

Client's comfort first and foremost

The very place and atmosphere of the salon where the client decides to get permanent makeup have a huge impact on their well-being during the procedure. In our salon, it's a priority. During the consultation, the client receives all the necessary information about the procedure from us, and if they have any doubts, they can ask us anything. As experts with experience, we are aware of how important peace of mind and assurance that the procedure will be performed at the highest level are.

If you dream of natural, but permanent eye and lip makeup, micropigmentation will be the perfect solution for you. Permanent makeup is a convenient and aesthetic solution. You should not be afraid of the pain associated with the procedure, as it is absolutely individual. Think about feeling better and the reasons that encouraged you to consider this type of procedure in the first place. Overcoming insecurities, improving beauty, saving time on morning makeup are arguments that should definitely help you.