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Makijaż permanentny Warszawa

Nadia Mencnarowska


I have been connected with the field of aesthetics for over 10 years. Since the first procedure I performed, I can see how effectively chosen image, healthy skin, and self-care profoundly affect what happens in the minds and "souls" of my clients.

I specialize in aesthetic and medical micropigmentation and the removal of unwanted pigmentation. I comprehensively guide my clients on their journey greater self-confidence and professional care for their appearance. 

I primarily work with individuals from the worlds of sports, business, and media. Every client of mine receives a professional consultation, during which I listen to their expectations, present my work technique, and together we determine the next steps. 

My place is a boutique micropigmentation studio equipped with all the attributes of a friendly and professional space. I welcome individuals looking to change their image and boost their self-esteem. 



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