Is permanent eyeliner suitable for droopy eyelids?

Nowadays, more and more women opt for permanent makeup. And it's not surprising, since micropigmentation has a lot of advantages. Although we know that appearance isn't the most important, what truly matters is what's inside. Still, let's be honest, every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. A pleasant appearance boosts our self-esteem and confidence, and hence the feeling of attractiveness. Taking care of one's appearance is certainly not wrong. For many women, makeup is an essential part of this.

However, not every woman has the time to do a full makeup routine daily. Not all of us are confident in drawing eyeliner, choosing the right makeup, or defining brows. Permanent makeup comes to the rescue in such situations. Thanks to micropigmentation of the lips, eyebrows, or eyes, we can not only save a lot of time but also look and feel beautiful at any moment, regardless of the circumstances. We don't have to worry that our carefully applied makeup will melt away on a hot day or be ruined after visiting a sauna or pool.

By choosing permanent makeup, we can enjoy beautifully highlighted eyes, brows, or lips for many months without any effort, and also save a lot of time. Although micropigmentation is becoming increasingly popular, there are still doubts about the procedure's safety, pain levels, and concerns that it may look exaggerated. Fortunately, permanent makeup is entirely safe, the skin heals fairly quickly after the procedure, and with the right techniques, the final effect can be subtle and natural. A professional will easily choose not only the dye color but also the best micropigmentation technique to best emphasize the client's features.

What is permanent makeup?

 Although the permanent makeup procedure is not dangerous, it's essential to understand its essence and how it's done before opting for it. If we decide to undergo micropigmentation, we should choose a salon with a good reputation, and ensure that the professional performing the procedure has the necessary qualifications and certifications. Before the actual makeup, the specialist will conduct a thorough interview to rule out potential contraindications.

Permanent makeup is an effective way to aesthetically and durably highlight brows, eyes, or lips, emphasizing their color and shape. The procedure resembles the well-known tattooing process, where the skin is punctured with a needle to insert the pigment underneath. Unlike popular tattoos, the micropigmentation effect lasts a few months to even a few years. Factors affecting the longevity of such makeup include used d

How does healing progress after permanent makeup?

When opting for micropigmentation, it's essential to understand that just like other treatments involving the skin, it requires a healing process. The duration and progression of this healing are individual, but it's crucial to remember that proper care during this time is of utmost importance. Taking care of fresh permanent makeup will ensure smooth healing and allow you to enjoy beautifully defined lips, eyes, or eyebrows.

During the healing process, some skin reactions are standard. Hence, it's better to be prepared in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. As we know, during permanent makeup, pigment is introduced under the skin. After such a procedure, the treated area may become more sensitive than before, slightly swollen, irritated, itchy, red, or even mildly painful. After a few days, scabs will form, which is entirely normal and shouldn't be a cause for concern. However, the skin usually regenerates quickly, and about a week after getting permanent makeup, there should be no visible signs. Under no circumstances should the scabs be picked off, as this could lead to severe defects or even scarring.

It's also essential to remember that for the first few days after micropigmentation, the effect might appear more intense than intended. However, one shouldn't worry, as the pigment gradually fades, reaching its final color about a month after the procedure. At this point, one can also see the full healing effect and determine if there are any gaps that need retouching. Proper post-procedure care is vital during the healing process, including applying a recommended ointment and following the linergist's advice.

Is permanent eyeliner suitable for droopy eyelids?

Having droopy eyelids can sometimes deter us from getting permanent makeup. This problem affects women of all ages, diminishes confidence, and significantly complicates makeup application. A droopy eyelid, in simple terms, is the sagging of one or both eyelids. Possible causes include weakened levator muscles, nerve damage related to the muscle, or collagen deficiency. Mild cases of this condition don't impair vision, but in severe cases, it can. In such instances, appropriate treatment should be initiated.


Many women contemplating micropigmentation wonder if permanent eyeliner is suitable for droopy eyelids. The fact is, this condition does not exclude one from getting the procedure. On the contrary, professionally done, natural, and subtle permanent makeup can effectively help mask imperfections and restore eye symmetry, thus boosting confidence. A droopy eyelid, which doesn't require surgical intervention and doesn't cause significant discomfort, can be successfully corrected with micropigmentation. It's an excellent solution, especially for those women whose sagging results from an age-related decrease in skin collagen.


Permanent makeup for droopy eyelids is also a convenient solution, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups. With this condition, it's essential to consult an experienced linergist who can adeptly tailor the makeup to best accentuate the eyes' assets and counteract the droopy eyelid effect, restoring a beautiful, healthy glow to the gaze. Properly selected makeup will optically enlarge and open the eye. However, it's essential to remember that every eye is unique and should be approached individually, not necessarily adhering to strict rules.